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상품 상세설명

A rectifier is a special conversion device that converts three phase AC current to DC current with adjustable voltage. It has many uses, often found servicing

A. Electrolysis of aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals
B. Electrolysis of salt, water and other compounds
C. Smelting of iron, steel and other metals with unipolar or bipolar arc furnaces
D. Graphite and silicon carbide furnace
E. Other applications uses large DC power supplies

Our main products include high power rectifiers, rectification automatic control systems, rectification harmonic control systems, and reactive power compensation devices, etc. 




» High Power Rectifiers

We offer a large series of high power rectifier products numbered with ZES, ZHS, KES, KHS, KEA, etc. respectively.

DC current of a unit : 5kA to 160kA
DC voltage of a unit : 5-1600VDC

»​ Features

· PLC both at rectifier site and in the control chamber
· Operation system with touch screen
· Dual digital controllers for current adjustment, offering redundancy
· Relay protection: PLC is able to monitor and be used to operate all equipment configured with the rectifier cabinet, offering protection against low water pressure, high water temperature, overheated phase leg, damaged silicon component, breaking of multiple fast fuses, overvoltage breakdown, reduced insulation, etc.


» Rectification automatic control system

ㆍZZX10 Rectifier Digital Current Stabilization Control Cabinets
ㆍKZX10 Thyristor Rectifier Smart Control Cabinets
ㆍZX–110 Automatic Control System of the Rectifier Series
ㆍZL- 200 RectificationAutomation and Monitoring System

» Harmonics Control System

TBB3-110kV high voltage shunt capacitor reactive power compensation device:
Applicable to capacitive reactive power compensation in 3-110kV, 50Hz three phase AC power systems for aluminum or salt electrolysis and other applications where reactive power compensation is required, to improve power factor, adjust network voltage, enhance power supply quality, and promote
power supply efficiency

» Examples of Reference Projects



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